What is Industrial Hemp?

The hemp industry has had a fairly negative stigma attached to it for many years. However, it isn’t until recently that there has been a large societal shift towards understanding the many uses of the hemp plant. 

Industrial hemp includes all varieties of cannabis cultivated for commercial use – apart from its use as intoxicants or medicines. Industrial hemp is a tall, leafy plant with a strong, fibrous stem.

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What is industrial hemp?

Industrial hemp includes all varieties of cannabis cultivated for commercial use – apart from its use as intoxicants or medicines. Industrial hemp is a tall, leafy plant with a strong, fibrous stem.

Production includes the cultivation, propagation or harvesting of industrial hemp.

Production consists of obtaining industrial hemp by any method or process, including manufacturing, or by any means to modify the chemical or physical properties of industrial hemp. It also includes growing, spreading and harvesting industrial hemp.


Hemp fibres are the most important raw material of useful hemp, both in terms of quantity and abundance of applications. From ancient times to the present, hemp fibres have been and are used to make a variety of products. Historically, they were particularly important for the production of canvas, ropes and ropes until well into the 19th century. In 1455 Gutenberg printed the first bible on hemp paper. In 1492, Columbus sailed to America with sails and ropes of hemp. In 1870 Bayer Levi Strauss made the first hemp jeans in the USA. Today, they mainly play a crucial role in the production of hemp paper (special papers, especially cigarette paper), hemp textiles (clothing, technical textiles), natural insulating materials and as reinforcing fibres for natural fibre-reinforced plastics.

Hemp oil

Hemp oil is pressed from the cannabis seeds, which are used both unpeeled and peeled. The thin shell contains chlorophyll so that the oil from unpeeled seeds has a green colour. Oil from shelled hemp seeds contains fewer colorants, bitter substances and has a nutty flavour. Hemp oil is used primarily as a food in the form of salad oil and has some high-quality ingredients such as essential fatty acids.

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