Hemp Erosion Control & Hemp Custom Mats

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Rolled erosion control blankets provide temporary soil erosion protection until vegetation assumes this function. Typically these mats are made from straw and/or coconut fibres with a non-biodegradable polypropylene netting. Terrafibre blankets are made from Canadian hemp fibres, are 100% biodegradable and are created without the use of polypropylene netting. The Scrim Backing consists of 100% recycled material with a minimum 40% being post consumer content. String reinforcement is made of 100% biodegradable rayon with three openings per linear inch. ​

Fibre blankets produced from agricultural fibres such as hemp are used to combat weeds and to prevent erosion on and around newly constructed berms and steep highway banks by motorways. Hemp fibres accelerate the establishment of vegetation. Vegetation can develop easily on the Terrafibre blankets, thus ensuring a fast rooting in the ground which greatly helps stabilize the subsoil. Over time, the natural fibre will decompose completely and vegetation coverage reduces erosion. Typically, blankets are used for the following applications: slope protection, channel and ditch linings, reservoir embankments and spillways, culvert inlets and outfalls, dikes, levees and riverbanks. Blanket has a functional longevity of 24+ months and are rated on slopes up to 1H:1V. ​

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