Article by Robert Ziner – Founder & CEO, Canadian Industrial Hemp Corp. (CIHC), Toronto, which is developing an advanced hemp stalk processing and optimization system. Ziner has more than 30 years in the building materials distribution and secondary wood processing industries.


The hemp industry offers great potential benefit to the global environment. However, only a technology-driven, cost-effective hemp industry will be able to redefine the economics of production to better serve the market. Besides the many, large, existing markets, many new opportunities will surface when costs are lowered, quality control is automated, and delivery is “guaranteed”.

CIHC believes that our commitment, along with our experience, vision, and IP, give us a unique role to play in achieving the global scale needed to fulfill hemp’s amazing environmental potential as well as delivering its valuable economic benefits.

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50 million acres of hemp will change the world

Infographic Source: Aaron Cadena


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