Erosion Control Mats Made from Hemp Fibre – The New Kid on the Block…

* Sensitive Land Reclamation
* Protected Wildlife Environments
* Road Construction
* Sea Walls and Difficult Areas
* Erosion Control
* Landscaping
* Root Protection

Hemp vs Coco...

hemp fibre erosion control mats

Biocomposites Group, a leading innovator in sustainable hemp fibre materials, has announced a groundbreaking development in erosion control and land reclamation with their Terrafibre line of Hemp Fibre Products. By harnessing the power of hemp waste, the company has revolutionized the manufacturing process of gardening, landscaping, and road construction materials.

This breakthrough has not only provided a solution for waste management but has also become a game-changer for those seeking top-quality, 100% natural, compostable, and biodegradable products for their homes and businesses.

When it comes to erosion control mats, the choice between hemp fibre and coco coir is a significant one. While both offer natural solutions, there are some key differences to consider. 

In terms of compostability, it is important to note that some coco coir mats use plastic netting, which is not compostable. 

Additionally, the salt in coco coir can result in residual material, which can interfere with the composting process. On the other hand, hemp fibre mats are 100% compostable, making them an eco-friendly option.

Another factor to consider is the potential impact on wildlife. Many coco coir mats use a mesh that can trap animals, which can be harmful to the local ecosystem. 

Hemp fibre mats do not use any such animal-trapping mesh, which can make them a better choice for sites that require this feature.

         Finally, it is important to note that hemp fibre mats are known for their ability to contour with the soil surface. 

This adhesion to the surface can result in less water undermining, which ultimately leads to less erosion. For sites where erosion control is the primary concern, hemp fibre mats may be the superior choice.

Overall, both coco coir and hemp fibre mats have their benefits and drawbacks. 

However, if compostability, wildlife impact, and erosion control are important factors, hemp fibre mats are likely the better choice….

The Terrafibre Erosion Control Matting can be custom cut to almost any length and size (max width per roll is 8′).

  • Standard Size Rolls – 4′ x 50′, 4′ x 100′, 8′ x 50′, 8′ x 100′
  • Custom cut to any size

Terrafibre Erosion Control Blankets use Canadian grown hemp fibres. These fibres are needle punched into a rayon fibre scrim backing, creating a 100% biodegradable non-woven mat with a consistent thickness. The scrim backing is a mesh type material made from 100% rayon fibres

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