Hemp Pet Product Kitty Litter

Wanting to try Terrafibre Hemp Kitty Litter … but not sure if your feline friend will adapt?

Wanting to try Terrafibre Hemp Kitty Litter … but not sure if your feline friend will adapt? They are fussy & peculiar critters, aren’t they?!

Traditional brands contain long ingredient lists that can be difficult to access. These lists include ingredients classified as both fillers and preservatives, items often avoided by eco-friendly, health-conscious, and price sensitive customers. 

Traditional litter brands use chemicals such as crystalline silica, a known carcinogen for both humans and pets, and sodium bentonite, which can lead to pet respiratory problems. 

Brands that have produced animal bedding from wood shavings, paper, sawdust, and straw are dominant forces in the pet market. However, while these products are natural, they are not sustainable, as forests take 65+ years to be regrown – while hemp crops can be regrown yearly. 

Furthermore, wood shaving products, particularly softwood cedar and pine, contain phenols which are known to affect pet liver function and have potentially carcinogenic effects on pet health.

Terrafibre Hemp Kitty Litter provides these benefits and are available in 5 or 10 pound bags:

  – Superior Pet and Pet-Owner Health: Free of chemicals, dust, phenols, and fillers

  – Eco-Friendly: 100% biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable

  – Easy Clean-Up: Quickly absorbs and holds onto messes and odours

  – Economic: Up to 4X lighter than traditional kitty litters

Why not give Terrafibre Hemp Kitty Litter a try today! https://terrafibre.ca/product/hemp-kitty-litter/try

Kitty Litter Instructions
Example of hemp hurd bet bedding.



The BCG hemp decorticator is NOW FULLY OPERATIONAL and a variety of exciting new products are now available for sale. We will also sell bulk hemp hurd, so please contact us for more information/costs if you’re interested in a large-scale hurd purchase. 

Hemp is known for being one of the strongest natural fibres on earth. A hemp stalk is nearly impossible to break down with traditional farm equipment. Decorticating is the first step in hemp fibre processing. The machine used for decorticating is called a “decorticator”. The decorticating process for hemp removes the tough woody interior (the hurd), from the fibrous exterior of the stalk (the bast); it is necessary to create value added products from the entire hemp stalk.

Until now, there was no operational decortication facilities in Alberta. This was of great concern for the well established hemp fibre companies in Alberta and across Canada. The lack of decortication created a large bottle-neck in the industry and slowed any major advancements in the hemp fibre value chain.

This Decorticator will continue BCG’s goal of rural revitalization and escalate the growth of the “hemp fibre hub” in Drayton Valley, AB. The hemp fibre hub supports farmers growing hemp as a rotational crop, creates full-time local jobs and indirect opportunities, continued fibre hemp processing, manufacturing and new product creation.

BioComposites Group Inc. (BCG) is a world leader in the development of innovative natural fibre products to create an ever-expanding range of products, operates the largest hemp processor in North America.

See our new products here -> https://terrafibre.ca/product-category/all-products/

For any inquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call 780-621-0000.